WordPress: The Best Content Management System (CMS) In The World

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March 12, 2018

WordPress: The Best Content Management System (CMS) In The World


Ever since its dawn in 2003, WordPress has managed content for the people and the internet. Today almost 30% of the entire internet runs on WordPress. It indeed is one of the most simplest and systematic CMS in the world.

Content Management System or CMS is nothing but a software that is well equipped with all the tools that are required for managing digital content. So, if you want to create a website or a webpage, any CMS can help you do that without going through a lot of trouble.

However, with many new CMS companies popping up , there is always scope for a better and more comfortable provider. While that is true, it has to be kept in mind that all these new providers are in a way a derivative of WordPress. So, in other words, WordPress might just be the godfather of all CMS companies today.

Let us have a look at why WordPress is the best CMS in the business today.

1. WordPress is a Free Open Source Software

This might be the biggest reason why WordPress is revered as the best CMS. It is free!

Technically it is free to download and install, thus allowing you to save a lot of money. It also has a basic plan where it provides you with all the necessary tools required to make a new website.

This is why, almost 700 new WordPress websites are formed everyday, and almost 20 users click “Publish” every second.

It is also an Open Source software, which means that it is always updated to the latest and newest features that arrive in the market. WordPress gets an official update every 5 months, and has come out with almost 40 upgrades over the last decade.

2. It Is Very User Friendly

WordPress has the most user friendly interface. This is another reason why people prefer using WordPress. It’s so easy that anyone from the age group of 13-85 can make a WordPress Website, even if they are using the platform for the very first time.

Another reason why WordPress is deemed convenient is because one does not need coding skills to make use of it. Maybe a little HTML knowledge, but apart from that you do not have to write any code. The software is already a ‘click and go’ type of system, which makes it easier,unlike Drupal and other CMS.

3. Customizable

Once you enter the WordPress world, you will see that you can customize it as you like. You can design your WordPress website the way you want, and produce something totally unique and amazing.

WordPress is extremely versatile and filled with unimaginable design tools. Some of the many famous websites that use WordPress are CNN, TechCrunch, Time and Fortune. Each of their sites are very unique just like their content.

The very fact that WordPress does not require you to compromise on your artistic integrity and at the same time gets your website done in a much more simple process, is the reason why people love using it.

4. It is SEO Friendly

WordPress is written with standard compliance high-quality code which produces a semantic system. In other words, all the search engines really like WordPress. If you search anything on google, 9/10 chances is that the first site is a WordPress site.

This is because WordPress’s build is so structured for SEO content, that they make sure your article is recognized by the search engines. WordPress also has a great deal of SEO tools that any user can plug-in and further use it to their advantage.

5. Very Secure and Safe

WordPress is build with a strong security measure. This is because, in the beginning when the internet was booming with blog sites and other small revenue websites, it was easier for hackers to use these sites as a means to hack and steal data.

However, WordPress has taken care of that and uses a state of the art encryption system to keep all your content safe at all times.


Clearly, WordPress has it all!

The tools, the security, the online community and a good dashboard to create and explore. With more upgrades coming out this year, WordPress will be unstoppable and continue to make the internet a content filled ocean.


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