Setting Up Your WordPress Site Or Blog

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October 4, 2017
Installing WordPress with Fantastico
October 4, 2017

Setting Up Your WordPress Site Or Blog

Setting Up Your WordPress Site Or BlogOnce WordPress is installed, it’s time to get your blog or website up and running.

When you login to WordPress you are taken to the Admin area. This is where you control your site or blog. You will organise it from here, as well as change it’s appearance and add content.

Start off by clicking the title of your site in the top left-hand corner. You will see your site with the default theme applied; later on you can customise it or choose a different one. The theme is what controls the appearance of your site.

You are currently on the Home page, and the image below illustrates the different page elements.

Page Elements:

Title – you can change this to whatever you want
Image – can be changed
Nav Bar – for navigating static pages
Sidebar menu – Recent Posts; Recent Comments; Archives; Categories; Meta
Main body of site – where posts are located
Posts – title, meta data (date and time, author, categories the post is in)
Footer – by default it reads “(your blog)? & “Proudly powered by WordPress?, but it can be changed.
Site Structure:

By default, the Home page contains the most recent posts. Clicking on the title of a post takes you to the specific page for that post. Each post title will link to the actual page for that post.

Posts are organised by Category or Archives (by date), and these are listed in the sidebar. Clicking on a category title takes you to a page which only displays the posts within that category. Later on, you will create your own categories. Archives are similar, except they organise posts by date. Clicking on an archive link takes you to a page which only displays the posts for that month.

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