Create a Culture of Learning and Development

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October 4, 2017
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October 4, 2017

Create a Culture of Learning and Development

Do these words sound familiar?   We might consider these words as we reflect back on those who served as coaches and mentors to help reignite the passion required to help us improve performance and reach challenging goals.  These experts served as catalysts to open new doors of opportunity.  A catalyst is someone who helps bring about change.

Business Catalyst is your partner for organizational change. Are you searching for a way to deliberately move your people forward and “raise the bar” on their performance?  Are you searching for creative ways to train your sales force or customer service team?  Are you ready to infuse confidence, convert more leads and grow your people?  If so, Business Catalyst is your solution to maximize performance.  When you grow your people you grow your business.

Business Catalyst provides customized training solutions to bring about organizational transformation. We deliberately connect with your team in ways that ignite the passion required to step forward and become a catalyst for positive change.

• Casting Vision & Establishing Core Values
• Customer Service Training
• Fearless Public Speaking and Creating Powerful Presentations
• Changing Organizational Culture and Developing Teamwork
• Time Management Training
• Leadership Catalyst
• Sales Strategy Development
• Corporate Downsizing with Dignity
• Principles of Managing Internal Conflict

Business Catalyst has presented training programs for numerous corporations and organizations. With decades of expert training experience, our team has developed the knowledge and expertise to help take your team to the next level.   With a relentless focus on innovative tools and practical application, Business Catalyst will challenge your team to immediately transfer their training into daily activities increase their performance.  Imagine the possibilities!

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