Dedicated IT Australia is a web site development company that specialises in the recruitment and outsourcing of offshore web developers. Though our 16 yrs of experience we have worked with web development companies and design agencies, building thousands of projects in Australia, USA and Canada.

Through the years we have developed a system and a set of processes that can be used by your company to successfully manage your offshore web development team.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are web development companies, design agencies and marketing consultants who require the services of a full time web developer, web designer and web site administrator.

Why use us?

Our developers have been tested and have at least 2 yrs of experience. Our senior developers have over 10 yrs of experience.

When you hire a developer from us, you can expect them to work productively and complete your projects on time and on budget.

What's included

We provide the office space, computers, licensed software, furniture, high speed internet and we manage all your developer's attendance and quality of work so you can focus on getting work done without the high start up costs associated with employing a full time staff your self.

Why use offshore web developers?

Many of our clients use offshore developers because it is much cheaper to hire someone in a developing country compared to a developed country. But our clients tell us that our developers have the motivation and dedication that any other developers that they have worked with before.

Why our clients choose us

We are experienced, professional and we are locally based in Sydney, Australia. Our clients love the fact that they can meet with someone from our company who can help them manage their developers overseas.

We are also very experienced, we can develop all types of web sites using WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Magento and Business Catalyst.

Our web development skills

We are a specialist WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and PHP developers. Our developers have the skills and experience to build a website from the ground up to finish.

We understand the local business Although our web developers are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we have representatives based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Florida and Canada who can meet you face to face and provide a personal service and help your company set up a development team overseas.

You have a team supporting you

When you hire our web site developer, you have the support of the whole team - not just that one single developer.

Our team have a range of skills in project management, programming, design and SEO - working together to boost your business's capabilities online.

Your web site developer will work for you on a full time basis, Monday to Friday 40 hours a week. Our developer becomes your developer and you can manage his or her work directly - without a project manager. You are the project manager.